lunedì 31 marzo 2014

40s Peekaboo dress

Is almost a year since I collaboarate with Amanda Lee, and long ago she sent me some beautiful pictures of an old French catalog, she was looking for a particular dress for dancing, and at the end was inspired by this beautiful is not it?

The cutting of the skirt has been replaced by a shape of half wheel on the bias, to give greater freedom of movement. The special gown is given from the top, which, on the front is made ​​up of three tricolor ribbons that reveal the skin, while the back is not expected a neckline so breathtaking.

The dress is made of a comfortable rayon crepe in bright colors royal blue, white and red.

These beautiful photos were taken by Douglas Monce, at the CAF Museum in Arizona, during the annual event "A Night in the 40s",  where Amanda looks like Betty Grable.

Another pics

Model - Amanda Lee
Shoes - Johnson
Jewel - Vintage

Thank you


mercoledì 26 febbraio 2014


Hello girls, after many months spent away from home for work in the theater, I have finally reopened the shop ETSY.

You stay in touch, soon new projects.

lunedì 30 dicembre 2013


And here I am able to achieve some skirts with this fantastic fabric.

Of course in my shop ETSY

martedì 24 dicembre 2013


After fixing the closet and have realized that I have many unused clothes, I thought I'd open up a new etsy shop.
Here you will find both pieces of new clothing, but also used but well-kept sewing accessories and home.

These are the first adverts, Freddies of Pinewoodremix shoes, patterns, blouses.

This is all


domenica 22 dicembre 2013


How much time has passed since my last post, I'm not gone, but I just continued my work in theater, which brought me out of the house more than 3 months.

I'm back with new ideas and projects that often alternate in my mind.
I found some new fabrics, including cotton flannel with this beautiful geraniums, soon this fabric will be transformed into wide skirts.

I recently took part in a vintage Christmas market, where, for the occasion I was able to carry out these fun lollipops - brooch.

I was thinking of also pencil skirts, in my boxes of patterns, I've found one with pockets crazy, and this is the result. What do you think of these pockets atomic?

      Waiting for the next post, I wish you Happy Holidays.