martedì 28 maggio 2013


And here I am I also be part of the best-known social network, facebook, I have created a page that you can see here, hey girls, if you like to send photos with clothes The Black Pinafore, come forward, I have created an album of custom order.


lunedì 27 maggio 2013


A new collaboration here in THE BLACK PINAFORE, indeed plus collaborations.

Hey Girls, recently I have been contact by Alison MacMathshe a beauty artist who lives in Lancashire, England, you can see her amazing site

Initially, she commissioned a custom made dress for her, she was so happy that she's back right away to propose a photographic project in vintage style complete with makeup and hairstyles.

Alison has not deliberately asked professional models, but she wanted to give to anyone the opportunity to be a model for a day, then, she has launched her facebook, a competition to take part in this unique experience.

You can see below, the 5 winners, but above all you can see the professionalism of Alison McMath who created the hairstyles and his colleague Wendy Donaldson , who has taken care of makeup.
These beautiful photos were taken by Chris Alty at Duxbury Park and Astley Hall in Lancashire.

(except for the photos of the dresses on the mannequin)

Alison and her team specializes in vintage beauty, also offers hair and makeup at home, for any parties or events.

Hayley in a new pinafore skirt & green polka dots blouse

Caroline in a mint sun dress, with stripe red pockets

Rebecca in a soft pink peplum blouse & black A-LINE skirt

Karen with tea dress, wing sleeves and Japanese chrysanthemum flowers

 Laura, in a 40s dress tea, colored peacock

Coming soon in my etsy shop


martedì 7 maggio 2013

40s golden dress with Miss Amanda Lee

And here's another fantastic collaboration with Miss Amanda Lee,

You remember the pink dress in the previous post? Here it is in a garish yellow version. I used a cotton retro floral print. These flowers remind me of cotton flakes, but also stylized chrysanthemums.

You enjoy these photos taken by Doug Monce of Atomic Age Pictures at McCormick-Stillman Park.

Amanda has skillfully combined vintage accessories with handmade white wrap from Arthelia's Attic.

This dress you can find it in the coming days in my Etsy shop, hurry up because it will be a limited edition.