giovedì 23 giugno 2011


I recovered from my brother-in-law this cupboard sky blue, he was about to throw it away..(This is the third cupboard in my house)...but I thought it best to take it and use it in my roomworking to bring the fabrics and haberdashery today, to remove the aura of the time I started to clean it and white pictorial, and I experienced the odorless white paint for radiators and I must say it took was one pass...=)
Unfortunately, the column, I can not I use it because of the shorter length of the wall =(, But i will make another use.

The wall units on the contrary

the drawers

the column 

2 commenti:

  1. In Australia, people put their old furntiure in front of their homes and other people take what they want to use. Recycling! Anyway, I always take drawers and my chooks use them to lay egss in. :)

  2. very nice! I need to re do my kitchen now that you mention it. lol.