sabato 3 dicembre 2011

work in progress...

After 2 months of being away from home, I can finallydedicate time to my achievements, these are some models of inspiration, I'm also planning new skirts, new blouses and hats .... For now these are the goals... so a little at a time ....

6 commenti:

  1. My life will not be complete until I can sew myself that brown coat in the second picture. Is that a contrasting fabric on the front of the hood?

  2. Or has this wonderful line, I actually prototyped this dress in green jade and bronze buttons and hood lining, but can be made ​​in any color, for the moment I do not dress in series, but I prefer to work with customers to meet personal tastes.

  3. Love vintage patterns, not just the dresses, but the drawings as well. Sometimes they remind me of paper dolls which as a child were my favorite to play with.

  4. What lovely patterns.Can't wait to see what you sew up.xx

  5. Oh boy! The pattern in the middle is to die for! I love it so!