domenica 13 gennaio 2013

Vintage coats

I want them all

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  1. I posted a while ago about the Gretel coat from Collectif (the first two pics, red and black versions) as I was very disappointed with the fit and had to send it back. They've cut it too tight on the bust and loose on the waist, and for someone of my height (5'9") the shoulders were too narrow. I was gutted!

    1. OH, I guess they did standard sizes, I think I'll do one for next year.
      However, these are beautiful

  2. I love them too. I have the last one, the Mariella coat from Collectif and I love it. Mine is the longer version and in black, I show it here:

    I was very glad to find it, because usually it's rather hard to find beautiful and affordable vintage coats.

    Love, Sara xx

  3. Really beautiful coats, I love them all too :)
    I'm writing post series about winter vintage outfits and accessories, and gonna talk about winter vintage coats as well soon. You are very welcome to visit my blog