giovedì 1 agosto 2013

30s 40s abito con cappuccio - part 2

After one year or so, here's another collaboration with the model pin up English, KITTEN VON MEW.
Some of you may remember this post.

And even in this case, here's another hooded dress.

The model is inspired by Hollywood Pattern - Betty Grable end of the 30s, early 40s. This pattern is now rare to find, unfortunately I do not have, then I've made ​​from new, making a small change.

The skirt is made of 4 parts and cut on the bias, waistband up the front and back ends with a big bow.
The same fabric of the skirt is also used for the inside of the cap and the implications of the sleeves.

These beautiful photos were taken by Richard von Mew.



5 commenti:

  1. That is possibly the best thing I've seen! I love the hood and the stripes. Inspirational!

  2. i loveeeeeee it!! that outfit is so gorgeouss!

  3. Ciao Debora!! piacere di fare la tua conoscenza e di scoprire il tuo meraviglioso blog, sono felice di conoscere persone che come me sono spinte dalla passione per il passato e per la sartoria, e devo farti i miei complimenti...i tuoi lavori sono splendidi!!!!
    spero ci sentiremo spesso..
    a presto

    1. Ciao Sara, ho scoperto il tuo blog per caso, brava e complimenti ai tuoi lavori. Si rimaniamo in contatto.