giovedì 12 luglio 2012

1940 - 40s jumper pinafore skirt - pinafore dress - blouse set - free shipping

Hey girls here is a new collaboration.
Some time ago I was contacted by Nerea, a Spanish woman, who was looking for a green skirt, but after a few emails, she had no doubts and opted for a new set consisting of blouse + Pinafore, from original 40s pattern.

 This 2-piece dress consists of closing side jumper with waistband insert, surmounts the front bodice at crossing. The blouse can be made ​​with long or short cuffed sleeves. Sorry, but in these photos was used another model blouse.

The Vintage Hollywood Pattern D-9726 905, was promoted at that time by
Dorothy Lovett of RKO Radio, and guess what? It is also redhead Nerea has worked for years in a radio show Called Happy Hour, on a local radio station in Vitoria, Basque Country. She is torn between radio, festivals, and as a DJ in various local, and she stopped for a few years to be a mom full time, but recently came back with a new name - dj "Swingin-Mammy-O".
Tomorrow she will make you dancing the swing, r & r, jive and more... because she will be DJing at "Mambo Jambo" and "Ray Collins' Hot Club" of Vitoria.

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  1. Hello! That red hair looks so awesome! It goes perfectly with the outfit. I love love love the pinafore and blouse. Nerea looks like she jumped right out for a 40s magazine in the pinafore. Love it sooo much!

  2. Ray Collins Hot Club! One of my favorite bands! Envying :)

    And the outfit is great, looks really authentic.


  3. I love it.
    I always wonder if you need to wear a blouse under pinafores?

  4. you did a great work, Debora. It was a pleasure to work with you. I love the outfit.

  5. I just love it! Really fab.

    By the way, I've moved my blog to - do pay a visit!

    Miss P xx

  6. gorgeous!! Absolutely lovely! I would love to have a jumper dress like this one day :)


  7. E'la prima volta che vedo il tuo blog e sono rimasta affascinata dalla tua bravura e originalità, bravissima, sei veramente special
    A presto